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A Little About Me

Robin Gyimesi

Who I am, in one sentence:

Dedicated Realtor® who LOVES to play softball, fueled by caffeine, has a passion for red wine and compulsively bakes for family, friends and clients alike.

I have been working in Real Estate for over 15 years now.  Before my career in real estate, equipped with a computer/math degree I worked as a software tester.  Complete career transition, I know, but it was a great decision as I love helping people.

A baker at heart, I always have my mixer on standby, I believe there is NO occasion that can’t use a little cake. Drop by when I am hosting an open house, I ALWAYS have freshly baked goodies for all my guests.

I started playing softball when I was 5 years old, and instantly fell in love with the sport.  I played competitively for a number of years and still play today, on teams in Kanata and in Carp where it is truly all about camaraderie, competition, and just playing in the dirt.

My real estate philosophy comes from years of playing softball:

​Play hard EVERY TIME, Play with integrity, Play to win!

Setting high standards for myself, on and off the field, it is important to me to do a job well.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Red Wine.  I love to try different wines from different regions and try to engage in wine tours as often as possible.  I love to hear the wine maker’s stories and enjoy the fruit of their labour.  Remember, life really is too short to drink bad wine!

I have a fun attitude and pride myself on being very dependable and am focused on being the BEST Realtor® I can be.   My clients are the heart of my business and when they are faced with tough decisions and need some guidance or advice, I am there every step of the way.

I am always looking for great new people to work with and would love to meet with you to see if my client focused services would be of value to you.

When you are ready to Buy or Sell in Ottawa, be sure to contact me for genuine, insightful service.

Softbal Gloves and Wine Glass
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