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Relocating To Ottawa

Relocating is more than just a move, it is finding a home in a community for you and your family.

Whether for an exciting new career or your own initiative, I understand the challenges and needs of relocating families and can assist with every aspect of your move.

House hunting trips can be intense and a little stressful, but my clients enjoy the benefit of working with a seasoned sales representative who is dedicated to you during your entire house hunting trip.  

We will have fun exploring Ottawa and finding the right community and home for you and your family.  

My goal is to deliver unsurpassed professional real estate services and insights to help my clients make informed decisions.

I am a registered supplier for the the Integrated Relocation Program (IRP) administered by Brookfield Global Relocation Services (Brookfield GRS). 






I have a Referral Network that makes relocating a breeze.  If you are moving FROM Ottawa, I can assist you in finding a Real Estate professional that meets your needs no matter where you are going.

I have established relationships with Real Estate professionals across Canada and across the world who can help you find your next home.

Contact me with your relocation plans and let us do the work of finding you the right professional to assist you in making your move a seamless one.  

Contact me today, for more information regarding my customer focused relocation services.



Relocating From Ottawa

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