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Renovate For Resale

Renovate For Resale

Thinking of increasing the value of your home? As a reno enthusiast, I would be happy to help you get the biggest return on your renovation dollars.

Before investing time and money into a renovation, it's worthwhile to know the return on investment when it comes time to sell.  

I have renovated many homes, and can help provide some vision and suggestions to updates that will be not only cost effective, but be attractive to buyers for a quicker sale.

Low Cost, Minimal Effort -- BIG IMPACT Updates:


Probably the easiest and most cost efficient way to refresh and breathe new life into any space.  Neutral colors are recommended.

​Electrical and Light Cover Plates

Replace old or standard electrical light cover plates is an economical way to modernize a space.

Light Fixtures

Replacing light fixtures in your home can make an incredible difference is aesthetics in your home.

Cabinet Hardware

Updating cabinet hardware is any easy way to change the overall appearance of your kitchen without investing a lot of money or time.

Light Fixtures

replacing old light fixtures can make an visual impact adding sparkle to any space.        


Door Knobs

A great improvement that is not too expensive, but will give your home a newer feel.

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